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This is the online resume of Jan-Bernd Bechstein.

I am working as Demo Project Manager at in Helsinki,

Previously I've worked as project manager, sales- and account manager and online marketing consultant
in international roles.

In December of 2016 I founded my own small company
called , which helps people in
the Uusimaa area in the sales process and moving
of their real estate.

In the last fifteen years I've been involved in over 30 media design projects: From idea stage to designing, planning, creating and post processing.
These projects included websites and portal development,
creation of 2D and 3D-animations, DVDs, online videos, tutorials and the layouting of books, magazines and other print media as well as usability studies of UI and UX and the following improvements projects.

If you want to know more about me, the companies I've worked for or projects I am or was involved in, please feel free to .

Please feel free to contact me regarding suitable projects,
with which you might need support with or interesting
career or business opportunities.

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    Project Management

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    Media design

  • 98%

    Product Development

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  • 95%

    IT Understanding

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  • Airbus Defence and Space OY
    Period: 09-2022 - Present
    A pioneer in aviation, communications and defense technology

    Demo Project Manager

    Airbus Defence and Space OY

    Helsinki, Finland
    September 2022 - Present

    Airbus is Europe's largest aerospace technology company. Authorities and other organizations responsible for safety around the world trust Airbus products and services.

    I started working at Airbus in September 2022 as Demo Project Manager to support the customer service team with the setup of demos and communication to the customer and map out the requirements.

  • Fiare OY
    Period: 09-2017 - 09-2022
    Creating Successful Marketplaces

    Product Development Manager and German-speaking Sales Manager

    Fiare OY

    Helsinki, Finland
    September 2017 - September 2022

    Fiare OY enables media companies to unlock the value of their content and audience by providing the sophisticated FiareAds platform - a whitelabel solution for running online marketplaces and eCommerce sites.

    FiareAds provides an online classifieds and shopping platform that can be set up and deployed rapidly.

    The FiareAds whitelabel solution combines comprehensive functionality with ease of use and a fully responsive design that ensures the best user experience in all channels.

    FiareAds also represents a cost-effective and efficient approach for site renewals using proven technology. The platform can be customised with client-unique branding and numerous bespoke functionalities.
    It has been applied in various sectors such as motors, properties, and other specialist areas. Supporting multiple business models from 'freemium' to subscriptions, the platform allows publishers to build new revenue streams - monetising their content effectively.

    I started working at Fiare in September 2017 as Product Development Manager supporting the development team of the Fiare Ads platform and help German-Speaking customers and prospects.

  • BiiSafe OY
    Period: 10-2016 – 09-2017
    BiiSafe Buddy the smart button for your safety

    Team lead & Customer Success Manager

    BiiSafe OY

    Espoo, Finland
    October 2016 - September 2017

    BiiSafe OY is the developer behind the BiiSafe Buddy.
    The Buddy is a smart button, designed to increase safety and promote wellness at work and at home.

    The Buddy offers a digital solution to the problem of corporate safety and personal safety. The Buddy’s superior technical features enable safety improvements at work, such as precise location sharing, object and personal location, serving also as an activity tracker.

    The Buddy is a smartphone accessory, which, together with the application, provides versatile functionalities on a global platform. The Buddy can also be integrated with an existing corporate app. The Buddy’s compact size and light weight make it a discreet companion, but thanks to its superior design you’ll actually want to show it.

    I started working at BiiSafe in October 2016 as Customer Success Manager to build up the sales of the BiiSafe Buddy and customer care in the DACH region. Since January 2017 I am Sales Team Leader.

  • Codemenders
    Period: 06-2016 – 10-2016

    Sales Executive


    Espoo, Finland
    June 2016 - March 2017

    Codemenders provides a mobile queing solution called "qtip.me" for any type of business: banks, restaurants , public offices, shops. You'll name it! With q-tip businesses can provide better customer service and get better insight on service desks, branches and customer satisfaction.

    I started working at Codemenders in June 2016 as Sales Executive. As I started working for BiiSafe my role was changed to Sales Support.Due to increase of work load and responsiblities at BiiSafe in January 2017 I vacated the postion in March 2017.

  • eSupplie Oy
    Period: 05-2015 – 04-2016
    eSupplie.com the online provider for digitalised industrial sourcing

    Country Manager DACH & Supplier Success Manager


    Vantaa, Finland
    May 2015 - present

    eSupplie.com is the worlds' leading online provider for digitalised industrial sourcing.

    I started working at eSupplie in May 2015 as Country Manager for the DACH region.

    Other tasks included:
      - Product development
      - Sales team support & training
      - IT support & office management

    Due to strategical changes the focus was shifted to the supplier side.Therefore I was appointed from November 2015 onward as Supplier Success Manager.
    I also handle IT tasks and projects, help the team with IT related questions and assist in product improvements.

  • ThirdPresence Oy
    Period: 03-2015 – 05-2015
    ThirdPresence - The online video ad optimiser

    Customer Success Manager


    Helsinki, Finland
    March 2015 – May 2015

    ThirdPresence is a white-label platform for agencies, DSPs, ad networks, SSPs and publishers to host and deliver video ads to any ad placement on any device. Suppliers can easily reach many ad networks and get the best price for their ads.

    ThirdPresence needed my help in getting an overview of the customers situation: How many ads were displayed over a certain period of time. What was the CTR. How can they optimize their video advertisement performance and what does ThirdPresence charge the customer.
    I created an overview of answers to these questions for each customer in close cooperation with the IT department and the management. Part of this project was also the role as Customer Success Manager - Arranging meetings and communicated strategies with customers and answering questions they have. I also handled several projects to improve the customers ROI.

  • Bitbar Technologies Oy
    Period: 04-2013 – 02-2015
    Bitbar Mobile App testing on real devices

    Senior Account Manager

    Bitbar Technologies

    Helsinki, Finland
    April 2013 – February 2015

    Bitbar is a technology and service company with focus on providing high-performance mobile software development and testing solutions for mobile app and game developers. The company’s flagship product – Testdroid Cloud – has been used to make many of the most popular mobile apps and games reliable, highly optimized and compatible across the Android and iOS device ecosystems. Mobile apps and websites can be tested on over 300 real devices in a matter of minutes.

    My main tasks were to find and contact possible developers as well as publishers of mobile apps, introduce them to Testdroid, show them the solution and benefits and win them over as customers.
    In Bitbar I converted over 50 leads into customers from all over the world and led dozens of customer projects.
    Additionally to that I taught new team members the sales tools we use, the procedures we follow, the Testdroid suite and answer questions about mobile app testing.
    I also helped in the administration and optimisation of the CRM software- Salesforce.

  • Leiki OY
    Period: 05-2012 – 11-2013
    Leiki - Growing traffic with ontological recommendations

    Country Manager for DACH


    Helsinki, Finland
    May 2012 – November 2013

    Leiki is a software company that provides patented software technology that automatically targets advertising and recommends content. It is based on detailed automatic content analysis and real-time learning of the user's preferences. Leiki's customers include publishers, retailers and advertising companies in Europe and US.

    My main tasks were to find and contact publishers and retails companies,showing them Leikis solutions and create pilot projects with these prospects, to show them what impact content analysis and matching recommendations can have on the visitor amount visit durations and visit quality.

    Among other tasks I successfully implemented also marketing strategies and assisted in the general development of Leiki.

  • Management Events GmbH
    Period: 08-2011 – 04-2012
    Managment Events - Professional meeting platform

    Country Manager for DACH

    Management Events GmbH

    Helsinki, Finland and Muinch, Germany
    August 2011 – April 2012

    Management Events brings together top-level executives and solution providers, providing high value to both parties. Our concept attracts 20 000 visionary leaders to our events in eleven countries, over 170 times a year.

    Companies search all the time for fitting service providers based on their investments plans. So I contacted suppliers and solution providers, interviewing them and getting them to these events to meet decision makers that look for exactly their services and products, so they can start businesses together.

  • Danceteam International OY
    Period: 02-2007 – Present
    Managment Events - Professional meeting platform

    CTO & Member of the board

    Danceteam International

    Helsinki, Finland
    February 2007 – Present

    Danceteam International operates at primary and secondary schools as well as universities and colleges. The goal is to fund charity projects mostly in Africa and to give youngster the opportunity to express themselves artistically and support with their danceteam friends.

    In beginning of 2007 I helped as Tech Support with all kind of matters for Danceteam International. At shows and events I volunteered also for all kind of task from preparations and backstage support.
    But my main task was the design, planning, implementation and maintenance of the website, the layouting of posters, flyers and other media creation.
    Four years on we gave away most of the media creation tasks to new team members and I remained for other technical tasks as CTO.
    In 2011 when I became a member of the board of Danceteam International I handed the last technical tasks to staff members with more time on their hands.
    I am still holding an advisory function and help out at events and team meetings.

  • ALMA Media OY Mascus.com
    Period: 10-2005 – 07-2011
    Mascus.com - The largest pre-owned heavy equipement online marketplace

    Country manager,
    Product Development Manager
    and Project Manager

    ALMA Media OY - Mascus.com

    Helsinki, Finland
    October 2005 – July 2011

    Mascus.com is the worlds largest pre-owned heavy machinery and equipement online marketplace.
    It has over 40 offices around the globe and offers private people, resellers and dealer as well as manufacturers to sell their used heavy machinery and equipement multilingually online.
    Mascus offer also intranet solutions and online presentation for used equipment sales.

    While my media engineering studies, in autumn of 2005 I started at ALMA Media to do a market research for Mascus for Germany, Austria and Switzerland ("Central europe west" / "DACH"-region).
    A german speaking sales person that got some two dozen customers from Germany left previously.Therefor I was asked to handle these customers inquiries and other customer care related tasks.
    After a successful three month trial, getting more customers, I was offered an Account Manager position for the DACH region. My customer amount grew steadily and I also started to handle customer care and sales in the Benelux region.
    Work included prospecting and keeping up a healthy customer pipeline, talking care of new and current customers, but also improving customer and partner relationships.
    This ment also project management for larger clients: Implementing and integrating our solution to their systems and sites, advertising their products online and as well as in the Mascus magazines.
    Next to that I implemented marketing strategies with the marketing team, created content for the german version of the site, improving the sites' search engine friendliness and assisted in the planning and execution of fair events.
    Naturally my title was changed into "Country manager".
    With the success of the "Central european West"-region I helped also with the training of other sales team members and other event related tasks.

    With the rapid expansion that followed, we franchised Mascus and after finding fitting partners in the DACH and Benelux region and successfully transferring all sales- and account activities of all my over 160 active customers over the new partners, I moved on to Business development and Product development in 2009.

    I led the online product development: Improving current tools and in cooperation with partners, customers and team mates creating ideas for new products. Based on that I then designed new products, creating more monetising opportunities.
    One the largest projects was the revamp of the entire portal: Together with the IT, marketing team, the management and designers, we redesigned the whole portal, making it more user friendly, easier to translate, optimising search engine friendliness , updating the design of marketing and sales material, adding new search features, better product cards, improving the reporting for customers and sales, adding and more and more new products and services on the site and for customers.

    Another project for me in cooperation with the IT-, the marketing and the Business development team was the implementation of a better mass email tool with better reporting and A/B testing capabilities as well as a better integration to Salesforce.

  • Unique United OY
    Period: 04-2004 –07-2005
    Unique United OY - Software and Media development company

    Media designer and programmer

    Unique United

    Espoo, Finland
    April 2004 – July 2005

    Unique United was a small software and media development company, founded by a media engineer co-student of mine, Haijun Mo.
    I worked as media designer, website designer and programmer on different website projects, and also as 3D-object creator and animator for several projects.
    Another task was the video rendering,post-processing and editing of the 3D sequences of a product presentation .

  • Systematika GmbH
    Period: 09-2004 – 01-2005
    Systematika GmbH - Business Inteligence Solution provider

    Media designer, Project Manager and programmer


    Heidelberg, Germany
    September 2004 – January 2005

    Systematika is a service and software provider and developer for Business Inteligence solutions.

    For my student exchange project, I worked for Systematika to improve their website and media material.
    At the same time I was the project manager and designer. I was also involved in the usability improvement of their software products and assisted the marketing team reguarly in various tasks.

  • Asenne OY
    Period: 11-2003 – 02-2004

    Media designer,Project Manager,Database Designer and programmer


    Vantaa, Finland
    November 2003 – February 2004

    Asenne OY was a software house located in Vantaa.

    I worked on several online projects: doing the project management, design and programming of several websites.
    One of the projects included a site dedicated for the education about drug abuse. It featured videos and texts about the effects of drug use, hotline and support info and also a online book store on that topic and a petition section for a law on treatment of drugs users. The share of the revenue of the books sales went to help drug victims in their fight against drugs.
    Besides the obvious importance of project, it was challenging in regards to the security of the website, its' database and the online books store.

  • JUMU
    Period: 01-1998 – 09-2011
    Jugend musiziert

    Assistant, Coordinator, Organizer, Media designer, Project Manager and programmer

    Jugend Musiziert North- and Eastern Europe.

    Helsinki, Finland and 8 other capitals
    January 1998 – September 2011

    Jugend musiziert is a music competition for children and adolescents in Germany and the German Schools. The annual competition is held on regional, federal and national level.
    Every year thousands of young musicians are taking part in this annual competition, first in their own city, then if they succeeded the move on to the federal round and then national round.
    The participants can sing and/or play an instrument - classic or electronic , as a individual or perform as a group. The goal is to show their talents, meet other musicians, see new cities and enjoy music, instead of just practicing this form of art alone.

    I was part of the organisational team of the North- and Eastern European region, which headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland.
    The first round is organised by each German School in that region. The second round is held by one of the schools in that region - so either Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Dublin, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest or Moscow.

    I assisted the Managing Director of the the North- and Eastern European region, helping him with all kinds of tasks.
    Furthermore I was one of managers the organisation team: Doing the planning of the competition-schedule, execution of scheduling, supervising the local teams in the second round, helping in the events the competitors and solving problems as they appeared.
    I was also responsible for the media design and layout of the materials given to the competitors, judges, schools-staff and organisers.

  • Goethe Institute Helsinki
    Period: 03-1998 – 10-2002
    Goethe-Institute Logo

    Intranet-Administrator, Web-Designer, IT-Support and consultant

    Goethe-Institute Helsinki

    Helsinki, Finland
    March 1998 – October 2002

    The Goeth-Institute is a non-profit German cultural association operational worldwide with 159 institutes, promoting the study of the German language abroad and encouraging international cultural exchange and relations. The Goethe-Institut fosters knowledge about Germany by providing information on German culture, society and politics. This includes the exchange of films, music, theatre, and literature. Goethe cultural societies, reading rooms, and exam and language centers have played a role in the cultural and educational policies of Germany for more than 60 years.

    Still being in school I was hired as an assistant and then replacement for Intranet-administrator and website moderator for the language teaching department.
    I maintained and led the several online projects and created multimedia content and material for these and other projects.
    Furthermore I was consulting and helping the language department with the maintenance of their network-infrastructure, IT-purchases and IT-related projects.

  • Science Center Heureka
    Period: 09-1999 – 11-2000
    Science Center Heureka in Vantaa

    IT- Network Support and
    Exhibition Technician

    Science Center Heureka

    Vantaa, Finland
    September 1999 – November 2000

    Heureka is a Finnish science center. The aim of the science centre, which opened its doors to the public in 1989, is to popularize scientific information and to develop the methods used to teach science and scientific concepts.

    For my non-military service I served in this Science Center to assist the IT supervisor with IT repairs, build up and maintain of IT-equipment on the exhibition ground and behind the scenes.
    If staff member had questions or problems with their computers or software I solved the issues. I also helped in maintenance and upgrading and the computer infrastructure as well as replacing and fixing faulty exhibition components.
    From time to time there were other projects that had to do with the set up or roll-out of an exhibition where I was involved in - either by usability testing, or other input I could give based on my experience on the ground.
    On multiple occasions I also guided some german speaking tours and of course helped visitors with questions in general.

  • German School Helsinki
    Period: 04-1998 – 10-2000
    Deutsche Schule Helsinki

    Network Administrator Assistant

    German Schoon Helsinki

    Helsinki, Finland
    April 1998 – October 2000

    I went to school at the German School in Helsinki and graduated from high schools there in 1999.

    Aside from my studies and work at Jugend Musiziert, I was asked in my second last year to
    assist the IT-Administrator with different tasks: Adding the students and staff to the user database, on request modify students and staff user properties, profiles and passwords as well as monitoring online traffic and site control.
    I also was repairing, configuring and installing computers and other hardware for various projects.

  • Riemumielen Kennel
    Period: 01-2011 – Present
    Collie breeding: Riemumielen Kennel

    IT Support,
    Web- and Media Designer

    Riemumielen Kennel

    Kerava, Finland
    January 2011 – Present (Project based)

    The administration and design of the Riemumielen Kennel online presence is one of many media projects I handle or handled over the recent decade.
    Riemumielen Kennel is dedicated on improving the rough haired collie breed.
    The page is powered by Joomla, which allows even non-programmers to update the content and insert new content to the site whenever it is needed.
    I take care of the update and continuously improvement of the system and the site depending on the requests.
    The site is also search engine optimised and quickly found on all the main search engines.

    Besides the technical part I also help the owner of the kennel, my wife Heidi, taking care of the dogs and puppies.

  • Ihana Kukkanen OY
    Period: 08-2010 – 07-2013
    FlowerShop Ihana Kukkanen

    IT Support,
    Web- and Media Designer, SEO Optimisation

    Ihana Kukkanen OY

    Kauniainen, Finland
    August 2010 – July 2013 (Project based)

    From autumn 2010 till summer 20013 I created and handled the maintenance of the Ihana Kukkanen OY website as well as their logo, business cards, print ads, flyers and other media material.
    Ihana Kukkanen is a very successful and beautiful flower boutique in the heart of Kauniainen.

    Just like the Riemumielen Kennel page, this online presentation was powered by Joomla, so that the shop owner and her staff were able to make changes to the site and add new products online on the fly.
    Besides creating the website and it's initial content, I also took care of the whole domain management.

    One specifically important aspect of this website project was the search engine optimisation, adding social media features and increase the visibility on known online catalogs and maps services such as Google Maps, Bing, and Nokias "Here"-maps.
    I also created and helped creating the business profile on various search engines and online business services such as Fonecta and Yelp.
    The result of all that was a visible increase of brand awareness, increase of online visitors and customer requests amount.

  • Pohjois Helsingin Auto OY
    Period: 08-2007 – 12-2010
    Pohjois Helsingin Auto OY

    IT Support,
    ETKA Server Update, maintenance
    and integration manager

    Pohjois Helsingin Auto (PHA)

    Helsinki, Finland
    August 2007 – December 2013 (Project based)

    Pohjois Helsingin Auto (PHA) is very know car repair shop in Helsinki, with three outlets in the capital region.
    They are specialised and authorized service center for various brands, such as Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and others.
    Replacement parts are ordered online through a specific software client.
    My job was it to install the hardware, set up the software client and keep the system up-to-date.

    Besides that I help the team with IT problems and consulted on various IT purchases.

  • VTT
    Period: 03-2004 – 08-2004
    VTT in Espoo Finland

    Project manager,
    DVD UI action designer
    and A/V Director


    Espoo, Finland
    March 2004 – August 2004 (Project based)

    One division of VTT Research facilties is specialised on printing technology.

    In my media engineering study programm EVTEK gave a project of updating a multimedia DVD presentation of VTT Printing Research project to a team of media engineers , which I led.
    We filmed the facilities, machines and processes and interviewed key figures of the division. We then created successfully in close cooperation with the devision head the multimedia content DVD
    This ment the conversion of the analog footage to digital, editing of sound and video, narating the videos and post-processing of video and audio as well as creating a user interface.
    One of my tasks was designing and programming a user interface to navigate through the content easily.
    We also designed and created the DVD cover and print-on for this project.
    Through our teams' diversity we were able to narrate the video-clips in three languages.
    Another important feature that operating system compatibility: The DVD worked on PCs and Apple Macs.

  • Maxmethodi OY
    Period: 04-2003 – 06-2003
    Consultant company Maxmethodi OY

    Project manager,
    3D designer and animator,
    Flash and Lingo programmer


    Espoo, Finland
    April 2003 – July 2003 (Project based)

    Maxmethodi OY is a small consulting company in the capital of Finland.

    It was one of our first real customer project as Media Engineering students. A team of five of media engineers, led by me, created a presentational CD for this small consulting firm.
    It included 3D animated videos about the message and ideology of their training and consulting methodes.
    Our team did a great job in bringing their company mascot, a turtle, to life to narrate the message.
    After the creation of the 3D character, objects and environments.We then animated them, post-edited the created videos and connected them to the user interface.
    We also designed and created everything from the CD cover and CD label, to the userinterface and controls using Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Macromedia Lingo.

  • Print media design projects
    Period: 2002 – 2009

    Print media designer,

    Print media design projects for various clients

    2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009 (Project based)

    Besides websites, online and multimedia products I'ved created, I am also very good in print media design and layout.
    For several years I designed and created layouts of magazines, flyers, posters, and year books. For example for the German Schools in Helsinki, St. Killian's in Dublin and also the Carl Zeiss Oberschule in Berlin.

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